Members of The UKWAL Running Team

You have arrived at the website of the UK Women’s Athletics League. Our organization facilitates athletics and sports competition for women throughout Britain.

We have athletics meetings in London four times a year. We invite members of women’s sports clubs and University sports clubs from all across Britain to come and compete.

We host running, boxing, fencing, swimming, high-jumping, long-jumping and pole-vaulting. Prizes and medals are awarded to the top three placed finishers in each event.

In order to eligible to compete in our league, we request that all participants provide a letter of referral from an accredited personal trainer in their sport stating that they are capable of competing at the top level for amateurs.

All of our events are inspected by trained health and safety officials to ensure that every possible precaution has been taken to avoid injury to competitors, but our organization cannot accept any responsibility for injuries sustained while competing.

For this reason, we strongly advise all competitors to take out some form of personal injury insurance before competing, in the event that you are injured and unable to work for a time.

Paramedics and other trained first aid staff will be on-hand during the event to act as first response providers in the event of accident or injury.

We wish to acknowledge the help and support of our sponsor: gym instructor courses provider to the fitness industry Discovery Learning based in the heart of London.